Laney AH4x4 - портативная акустическая система на батарейках

9 181 грн. 10 201 грн.
Производитель: Laney
Код товара: 00000007627
Страна: Великобритания / Китай
Наличие: Есть в наличии

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  • Чехол Laney GB-AH4x4
  • AH4X4 is a lightweight, versatile, completely portable battery powered PA system. Designed and ready to go for use wherever you are, for whatever you are doing.
    Enjoy up to 24 HOURS of continuous battery power use! The Intelligent Power Management can switch between Regular and ECO power modes to get the upmost performance usage from the batteries: 3 x Lithium ION cells or 8 x AA batteries can be used*. Alternatively, the AH4X4 can be used direct from a power supply where mains power is available.
    Use it for everything! Gigs, parties, conferences, at home, work, indoor events, outdoor events, the list is endless. You’ll never have a dull moment, connect your music via Bluetooth!
    This isn’t a unit just designed around a player, this is a unit designed for an occasion, be it personal, social, professional, the list goes on and at a mere 6.5kg and very competitive and reasonable pricing it won’t break your back or your bank!
    Music on the go – want to connect your phone or another Bluetooth device – simple – the AH4X4 is Bluetooth enabled! Connect and play. Standard input options including Jack, XLR, Mini Jack as well as the option to connect a second AH4X4 to double your inputs and widen your sound.
    UP TO 24Hr’s USE
    The battery power can give up to 24 hours of continual use when used with the Lithium ION battery option, something rarely found in the competition without having to consult your bank manager. The Audiohub Freestyle 4X4 is the perfect solution, meticulously designed for the ease of use you need, just plug in and go, wherever you may be, you will know that the Audiohub Freestyle 4X4 will meet your demands.


  • Aux In: Mini Jack
  • Channels: 6 Channels including inputs for XLR, Jack, Aux & Bluetooth
  • Effects: Digital Effects: Reverb, Echo
  • Equalisation: Selectable EQ Presets: Flat, Bass, Loud and Vocal
  • Inputs: 2 X Jack/XLR, 2X Jack Input, Aux In, Bluetooth Enabled.
  • Reverb: Yes, HQ Reverb and Echo.
  • Unit Dims – for int. case (HxWxD mm): 540x175x175
  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Fully Portable: Yes
  • Battery/PSU Operation: 8 x AA or 3 x Lithium ION batteries
  • 24 Hours of continual battery life usage: Performance for audiences of up to 80 people
  • 4X4” Woofer: Plus High Frequency Tweeter
  • Anti Feedback Feature: Link In/Link Out Sockets
  • Pole/Tripod Mountable: Plug & Play – No setup Required Fully Portable
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