Laney A1+ - акустический комбо

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Производитель: Laney
Код товара: 00000007305
Страна: Великобритания / Китай
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Pure acoustic performance

The A1+ is designed to give the discerning acoustic player an amplified acoustic performance to match the tone and dynamics of the top acoustic instruments on the market.

The A1+ achieves this by enhancing the core
characteristics which made the existing model the choice
of so many players.

independent channels

The A1+ features two completely identical but
independent instrument/mic channels and separate
Auxiliary input that made the original such a success –
and all three can be used at the same time!

For players who use instruments which are equipped with both piezo and Internal mic systems the two identical channels allows both systems to be used in conjunction giving the player the best of both worlds with the crisp clean attack of the piezo systems and the warm natural body sound of the internal mic really complementing each other.

Both A1+ main channels have full EQ – Bass, Swept Mid
and Treble.

The A1+ has increased headroom with an 80W power
section and improved frequency response thanks to its
high quality dome tweeter and 8” Bass driver.


The A1+ is fitted with an enhanced DSP 16x digital FX module selectable to either or both channels via pan control, a Phantom Power option, Balanced XLR DI (Post EQ/FX) with ground lift on rear panel and an FX loop.

The A1+ comes complete with a footswitchable Master
MUTE facility.


The A1+ is packed into a compact ‘Kickback’ cabinet with our brand new TüffStüff finish – an extremely tough, ultra-durable polyurethane coating – and comes with a built-in pole stand mount which is a great feature for added functionality on stage.

Power 80 watts RMS
Inputs Combi XLR/JACK sockets
Channels Two identical channels for Instuments XLR balanced or Mono jack unbalanced+Microphones.
Equalisation Full EQ on each channel Bass, Swept Mid and Treble.
FX Loop(s) External FX loop on rear panel to either or both channels via fascia
Drivers 8” Bass  Driver + 1” Dome tweeter
Cabinet Design Compact kick back cabinet size with pole stand adaptor
Effects Internal 16x digital FX module selectable to either or both channels via pan control
Headphone Socket Yes – mini jack – mutes powerstage

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